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Two Deal Terms Buyers Should Avoid Like the Plague

If you’re regularly involved in the process of buying companies or advising clients who are, you know there are plenty of “trip wires and trap doors” to avoid and always something new to learn.  And if you’ve never been involved in an acquisition but think you might be soon, you’re undoubtedly hungry to learn what […]

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Starting the Acquisition Process: A Handful of Quick but Critical Tips

So you’ve decided to grow your business by acquiring another business – but where do you go from here?  What do you need to be thinking about?  Worrying about?  Taking care of?  To get you started, here are a handful of tips – you can even call them “nuggets” of advice – that come out […]

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Six Good Reasons Why You Should Have a Term Sheet in Your Next M&A Deal

Ever wonder whether it’s worth the cost and headache of negotiating a term sheet?   When negotiating the sale or purchase of a company, the question often comes up:  “So should we negotiate a Term Sheet, or just move directly to drafting and negotiating the principal deal documents?”  Seems like a simple enough question, but the […]

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