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Three Key Limits to a Buyer’s Right to Recover When the Seller Breaches the Purchase Agreement

Are you reading an agreement for the purchase of a business and feeling some combination of severe fatigue from endless pages of legaleze and paralyzing fear that you might be missing something important in your agreement?   Two pieces of advice for you:  (i) get a strong cup of coffee, and (ii) stay awake long enough […]

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What to Do When a Seller Breaches Your Purchase Agreement

If you’re in the process of buying another business, you realize there’s a lot that could go wrong with the business you’re buying, and a lot the Seller might not be telling you about risks and problems of that business.  And you realize that those risks and problems might cost you, the Buyer, real money […]

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Purchase Agreement: The Four Key Sections Buyers Absolutely Need to Understand

Is your company in the process of buying another company?  If so, you’re going to need a carefully negotiated, well-drafted purchase agreement in place that describes the deal you’ve struck with the Seller. Depending on how your acquisition is structured, the document will likely take the form of an “asset purchase agreement,” “stock purchase agreement,” […]

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