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Starting the Acquisition Process: A Handful of Quick but Critical Tips

So you’ve decided to grow your business by acquiring another business – but where do you go from here?  What do you need to be thinking about?  Worrying about?  Taking care of?  To get you started, here are a handful of tips – you can even call them “nuggets” of advice – that come out […]

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Three Key Limits to a Buyer’s Right to Recover When the Seller Breaches the Purchase Agreement

Are you reading an agreement for the purchase of a business and feeling some combination of severe fatigue from endless pages of legaleze and paralyzing fear that you might be missing something important in your agreement?   Two pieces of advice for you:  (i) get a strong cup of coffee, and (ii) stay awake long enough […]

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3 Secrets on How to Conduct Due Diligence Effectively Without Costing Yourself a Fortune

Is your company considering whether to buy another company?  If so, you probably know that conducting a “due diligence” review of the Seller’s business, and in particular the legal and financial aspects of that business, is critical. Due diligence allows you as the Buyer to assess whether to move forward with an acquisition and at […]

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